Personal Voyages Into Leadership
Boldly go...

March 16, 2021

Personal Voyages Into Leadership

'The animals of complacency and lethargy may be devouring me. I must therefore demonstrate that 'Rhino Spirit' and keep charging!' This was kind of my vision statement (or motivational phrase) for a while. I built this leadership statement by paraphrasing some concepts presented by a motivational speaker I once heard in college. In this podcast episode, Dr. Caple provides a tiny (albeit somewhat sleepy) coaching session on how to create a Personal Leadership Statement that will help you change the world.

I live alone, I train alone!Clubber Lang, Rocky 3

Your Leadership Vision Statement

Who do you want to become? Why do you want to become that? What change do you want to make or become in the world? Perhaps one way affect change in your life and the world is to define a Leadership Vision Statement for yourself.

What is a Leadership Vision Statement? It’s a statement you write and apply that motivates you to lean into personal, and thus, global change around you. Why bother with something like this? Well, I guess it’s only worth the trouble if you are restless with the status quo and want change in your life.

Steps To Create Your Leadership Statement

Here’s a PDF that might help you in deriving your own Personal Leadership Vision Statement:

Leadership Vision Statement

My Swag At A Personal Leadership Statement

This was my first cut at writing my own Leadership Statement (as you might hear on the podcast). This was a bit harder than I thought it would be, but I kind of like the idea of associating such grandiose statements with my professional persona.

Here’s my first cut at it:

“I boldy go where no man has gone before!”

I need to tighten that up a little…

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