blog – November 19, 2023

Chaos Monkeys: It's All About The Team

Dream 10X Blog The term 'Chaos Monkeys' originally came out of Netflix. The term was used to describe a process whereby chaos would be intentionally unleashed in a system in order to test how resilient that system was to breakages. Early identification of system weaknesses could help to shore-up system resiliency where and when needed for production releases. In the immortal words of the Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels, '...everything fails all the time'. The general idea is that intentional system disruption helps make a system better through weakness identification and mitigation. In Antonio Garcia Martinez's book, 'Chaos Monkeys', the disruptive and chaotic nature of startup culture can have deleterious effects on participants placing bets in the casino of Silicon Valley. Read More ›

blog – October 23, 2023

Using AI To Enhance Jira And OWASP Dependency-Check

Dream 10X Blog The Dream10X parent company, Nautilus Tracker, LLC, recently participated in the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon with an objective of building an AI-powered customization on top of the Atlassian Jira platform. One aspect of this hackathon was to write a blog post on experiences developing customizations using the Atlassian Forge tools. So, we thought we'd make a blog post in this month's Dream 10X issue about our experience participating in this hackathon. If interested in learning more about our somewhat technical account of the same, this might is an issue for you. Read More ›

blog – September 25, 2023

Paddling The Channel Of Bones

Dream 10X Blog A couple of years ago, I had a vision of somehow getting out on the Ka'iwi Channel - the body of water separating the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Molokai - in either a rowboat or to maybe swim it. Then, I discovered the 'Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Championship Race' causing me to arrest our current summer plans and to try to get into the race. I pulled my family headlong into my hastily conceived dream, only to find that the Ka'iwi Channel is known as the 'Channel of Bones' for a reason. In this episode, my family and I discuss our perspectives on surviving this adventure... Read More ›

blog – August 25, 2023

Rowing The Potomac River

Dream 10X Blog In this episode, we talk about our 158 mile row down the entire length of the Potomac River, from Gravelly Point Park, in Arlington, Virginia, to Smith Point Marina, in Reedville, Virginia, in the summer of 2023. It was the best of times. Read More ›

blog – June 20, 2023

The Long Lost Coffey Single

Dream 10X Blog My first rowing single was a Coffey, which I had bought from a woman in Indiana somewhere near Indianapolis (if I recall correctly). This was back in 1993. I had just finished graduate school in Germany and had moved back home for a brief period of time trying to get my bearings and to build a strategy for the next steps of my life. My dream was to row in the '96 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, and I had no idea how to go about achieving that... Read More ›