An Interview With Author David Moore Robinson
My Unremarkable Brain, by David Moore Robinson

February 16, 2021

An Interview With Author David Moore Robinson

It has always seemed rather obvious to me that physical activity is really important in maintaining physical health. It has not always been so obvious to me the relationship between diet and health. In fact, the first half of my life I was pretty much on a see-food diet - whatever I saw, I ate. It took a pretty significant catalyst in my life to make me start thinking more critically about the things I ate. David Robinson's book, 'My Unremarkable Brain,' helps to further exemplify the importance of diet as not only sustenance, but also medecine.

And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.Mark 9:29, King James Bible

Dealing With Epilepsy

In David Moore’s newly released book, ‘My Unremarkable Brain’, he takes us on a personal journey of adult-onset epilepsy and a search for how to combat, if not cure, the disease. Along the way, he shares with his readers information his research has uncovered about the importance of food and diet in not only maintaining personal health, but also in combating chronic diseases like epilepsy.

One analogy in the book that really resonated with me is the comparison between our human bodies and a hybrid vehicle. A hybrid vehicle can be powered by electricity from the batteries, but when the car needs more power to accelerate, the gasoline engine can be engaged for the additional horse power. Similarly, our bodies utilize fat like a hybrid does electricity - a nice energy store for steady-state usage, but carbohydrates are like gasoline.

And come to find out, the brain is an important organ in the human body (it is weird how our brains are not always considered part of our body) that operates best on fat. Apparently, burning more fat (and less carbohydrates) also seems to help at least 50% of people suffering from epilepsy, as this book points out using anecdotes from a number of people David has interviewed on the subject. One person interviewed with such a story is Jim Abrahams (the director of movies like ‘Airplane’ and ‘The Naked Gun’), whose son, Charlie, suffered from epilepsy. One result of Jim Abraham’s search for a cure for his son, Charlie, was the creation of The Charlie Foundation.

Food And Fasting As Medecine (And Poison)

As David points out in his book in Chapter 7, there has been a correlation between food and fasting for both it’s medicinal and trancendent capabilities since time immemorial. From Jesus, who used fasting to help attain spiritual enlightenment, to Hippocrates who began to use the scientific method to help explain the medicinal benefits of fasting and food to human health. Starvation (to a point) and the type of foods we eat can prove hugely beneficial to our health. Obviously, no food intake at all can kill us as can eating the wrong things. Even more, some foods can cause weird effects in our bodies, like acne, or even lead to chronic disease over the long term, like obesity or hypertension.

Getting educated on the importance of the types and quantities of food, and the effects it has on our bodies, is a hugely important endeavour relative to our long-term health and happiness. It’s not an easy education either. Caveat Emptor. There are influential powers vying for your dollars to help you ‘improve’ your health, from new diets to new drugs, etc.

Do your own experimentation (within reason) to learn the truth. In this podcast, I share one experiment I did on myself when I was younger to figure out how High Fructose Corn Syrup was adversely affecting my complexion, this after learning that my dermatologist-perscribed creams were not effective in the least. Sounds corny (pun intended), but by not eating anything that contained High Fructose Corn Syrup my complexion cleared right up and I got a brand new lease on life!

There is definitey remarkable truth in fasting and food as medecine, as pointed out in ‘My Unremarkable Brain’! This book is a great place to start your food-as-medecine education!

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