Three Principles Governing Explosive Personal Growth
Dr. Caple's DND Character, Leroy Jenkins

April 24, 2022

Three Principles Governing Explosive Personal Growth

Her Class is 'Barbarian'. Her Level is 1. Race is 'Tiefling'. Background is 'Wildling/Outlander'. This is a beginning sketch of Dr. Caple's Dungeons and Dragons character, 'Leroy Jenkins'. She's tough and bold, chaotic neutral, and ready to take on whatever adventures her Dungeon Master throws at her...ahem. Believe it or not, all of this relates to her three principles governing explosive personal growth. I command you to grow! So read and listen on...

We are most of us governed by epistemologies that we know to be wrong.Gregory Bateson (1972), “Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology”, p.493, University of Chicago Press

Three Principles Governing Explosive Personal Growth

First, Redefine Your Self

In this podcast episode, Dr. Caple recommends that the first thing one must do in order to recognize explosive personal growth is to first have a vision of your best self. What characteristics do you wish you had? How do you wish you could feel and think? Write those traits down. You can even create a character for yourself, like Dr. Caple has done with her Dungeons and Dragons character. Maybe find a picture of someone who exemplifies the physical and mental characteristics that you dream of having yourself. Print a picture out of that person so that you can refer to it often. Dr. Caple has pictures of Wonder Woman and She Hulk on the wall in her Yoga Room and on her work desk(s) as a constant mental reminder of who and what she wants to be. As you think, so you become, as the saying goes.

What are the list of behaviors that your vision exhibits? How would like to emulate these behaviors? Write these down and work toward emulating them.

Second, Adapt Your Mental Models

Humans carry forth eons of lessons learned in their DNA and mental models baked into the amygdala. Other lessons are learned while we are still in the womb, before we are even born. Each day we learn more and more. As such, we constantly evolve our understanding of the world around us and bake new lessons into our DNA for next generations. Sometimes, however, our mental models require energy and effort to change. Our previously held beliefs need to be changed in order for us to adapt to new understandings of the world around us in order for us to be successful moving forward. Sometimes, we need to take the ‘red pill’, referencing the movie ‘The Matrix’, to truly grok reality and adapt accordingly. And this can take work. But learning, understanding and adaptation are critical elements to changing existing mental models and to realizing explosive personal growth.

Neural Plasticity is a biological concept that allows humans to essentially re-program themselves to adapt and overcome to new situations. How wonderful is this!?!?

Third, Prepare For Learning

Dr. Caple says the best way to prepare your brain for learning is by taking naps. I’m thinking I am going to rock this part. Apparently, the brain is able to best assimilate new learning if it takes a quick twenty minute nap afterward. But really, when is one able to nap apart from the weekend, maybe? Nevertheless, a tired brain is unlikely to learn much.

You also need to ensure that your brain is de-cluttered. Being in nature is a great way to achieve this state. Hearing the wind in the trees, the ripples on the water, the sun light reflecting off the grass and flowers. The smells of the dirt and plants. All of these things can help to de-clutter your mind and improve the efficiency in which you can learn new things.

Grow for it!

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