blog – April 10, 2023

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Dream 10X Blog One of the hard things I frequently encounter in my own life is the constant realization of so many simple things that I just do not know (yet). For example, after reading this book and researching this blog post a bit, I came to the stark realization of what the term 'Numeronym' means. Most real software engineers are probably already intimately aware of this word's definition. Numeronym's like 'k8s' for kubernetes, or 'i18n' for internationalization, or 'l10n' for localization are frequently used in technology circles. I have seen these spellings for many years without even realizing why they were spelled like the were, or even questioning why they were spelled that way. Embarrassing huh? When I saw the name of Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen's investment firm, 'a16z', I finally dedicated a few minutes to learning the origin of the name. I guess this is one of the reasons I can never stop reading and learning. The Ben Horowitz book, 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things', shares some really big leadership lessons to learn from as well, which we discuss in this blog/video/podcast. Read More ›

blog – March 17, 2023

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Dream 10X Blog By 2019, the world had essentially been destroyed by World War Terminus. A nuclear holocaust had been unleashed that had pretty much destroyed all life on earth leaving but a few remnants who were strongly encouraged by global powers to emigrate to Mars, receiving a free Android to boot. What a deal! Who would want want to stick around on earth to deal with all the nuclear dust, kibble, electric animals and...sneaky androids? Philip K. Dick's book is a story of faith, hope, a never-ending search for life and grappling with a constantly advancing technology on a post-apocalyptic planet earth. Read More ›

blog – February 28, 2023

Becoming Batman

Dream 10X Blog In this episode, we continue our research into how one might gain superhuman capabilities relative to an objective being pursued, whether it has to do with work, sports, crime fighting, or something else. Last December, we reviewed Dr. Paul Zehr's book, 'Chasing Captain America', for similar reasons. This month, we review Dr. Zehr's book, 'Becoming Batman', to see if it contains any tips or tricks for gaining superhuman capabilities for those of us seemingly chained to the entropy and mediocrity of human life on earth. Read More ›

blog – February 01, 2023

The Plantagenets: Rise Of The Angevins

Dream 10X Blog Apparently, my genome reveals a distant connection to the people of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Normandy. The Normans are particularly interesting to me because of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, in which William I, (aka 'William the Conqueror'), invaded England. The success of William I in conquering England was dramatically important in shaping world history, making the Normans largely responsible for these changes. However, it was the French who truly changed the world in the wake of this conflict, thanks to Angevin Geoffrey Plantagenet. Read More ›

blog – January 21, 2023

Invest In Your Brain

Dream 10X Blog Can you solve the Rubik's Cube? If so, did you figure it out by yourself or did you learn from someone else? I spent the past few weeks learning to solve the Rubik's Cube, learning from a coach, while also conducting a bit of introspection on how my brain (and body) were going about learning the task. In this episode, we talk more about 'deep learning,' and how to get into its flow, with the Rubik's Cube puzzle as background context. Read More ›