blog – September 02, 2020

Leap First, Then Look...

Dream 10X Blog Team Dream 10X have thrown their hat in the ring for consideration to compete in Eco-Challenge 2021 Adventure Race in Patagonia. Cool, what's an adventure race? Read More ›

blog – August 25, 2020

From Intrapreneur To Googler

Dream 10X Blog Our guest this week, Dave Rensin, is a Senior Director of Engineering at Google. Dave talks to us about remote work during the 'new normal', the internet tech bubble in the late 1990's, Palm Pilots, startups, concert piano, the value of persistence, and more. Read More ›

blog – August 18, 2020

Grow Nuts...Not Soybeans

Dream 10X Blog MIT Graduate, Aeronautical Engineer and Natural Systems Thinker, Jamie Byron, shares with us some thoughts on how he is attempting to change the world through the analysis and application of natural systems. Jamie shares some key insights into the benefits of studying nature and growing a more sustainable future, from his startup venture at MIT building in-home food growing systems, to designing and building sustainable ecosystems on his homestead in West Virginia. Read More ›

blog – August 12, 2020

Stay Upright, Go Straight, Finish Strong!

Dream 10X Blog Did you know that this year, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, is the first year women are allowed to compete in Canoeing events at the Olympics? Inequality between and amongst the sexes is still pervasive, even amongst elite athletes. In Episode 4 of our Dream 10X podcast, we talk to athlete Pam Boteler, who has played a key role in advocating that women be allowed to compete in Canoeing at the international level. Read More ›

blog – August 4, 2020

The Jordans Come To Dinner

Dream 10X Blog The Jordans joined us for dinner one evening. Steve, Liz, Vaughn and Aidan talk to Dr. Caple and I after dinner to discuss what dreams, life ambitions and success mean to them. Everybody arrives at their life's mission through a completely unique set of circumstances, events and drivers. It's especially refreshing to hear the perspectives of 15 yo, Aidan, and 16 yo, Vaughn, as they look down the road of their lives to the horizon of possibilities. Read More ›