blog – September 21, 2020

Ketchup On Mars

Dream 10X Blog Good tasting, nutritional adventure food is critical to achieving success in 10X-sized adventure endeavours, like interplanetary travel. Our next guest has done some research on ways to make space food more portable and palatable in support of space colonization. A PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology and serving as a Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand - please meet Dr. Sarah Kessans. Read More ›

blog – September 13, 2020

Buskey Hard Cider and Ben Franklin

Dream 10X Blog As small businesses around the world struggle to cope with new rules and social norms resulting from COVID-19, Buskey Cider pivots to ensure the continued success of their burgeoning cidery business. While talking to Will and Elle Correll about their business, we discovered a shared appreciation for some of the more obscure words and phrases made interesting, if not popular, by Benjamin Franklin. Read More ›

blog – September 08, 2020

Art, Tattoos and Politics

Dream 10X Blog Following her passion for art, Kelly Green discusses working her way up through the tattoo industry in Connecticut. She is now trying to become an influencer in the tattoo industry, on the legislative side, by running for State Senator in the 2020 November elections. Read More ›

blog – September 02, 2020

Leap First, Then Look...

Dream 10X Blog Team Dream 10X have thrown their hat in the ring for consideration to compete in Eco-Challenge 2021 Adventure Race in Patagonia. Cool, what's an adventure race? Read More ›

blog – August 25, 2020

From Intrapreneur To Googler

Dream 10X Blog Our guest this week, Dave Rensin, is a Senior Director of Engineering at Google. Dave talks to us about remote work during the 'new normal', the internet tech bubble in the late 1990's, Palm Pilots, startups, concert piano, the value of persistence, and more. Read More ›