Stay Upright, Go Straight, Finish Strong!
Pam Boteler, courtesy of Brian K. Donnelly

August 12, 2020

Stay Upright, Go Straight, Finish Strong!

Did you know that this year, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, is the first year women are allowed to compete in Canoeing events at the Olympics? Inequality between and amongst the sexes is still pervasive, even amongst elite athletes. In Episode 4 of our Dream 10X podcast, we talk to athlete Pam Boteler, who has played a key role in advocating that women be allowed to compete in Canoeing at the international level.

The Wisdom of A Woman Canoeist

Cindy and I took two main principles away from our conversation with Pam Boteler. The first was her wisdom regarding energy stores: how to build, keep and replenish them. Secondly, her ‘visioning’ of others for whom she feels strongly about moving into a better place, particularly with respect to women canoeists competing at international levels.

Energy Levels

In her capacity as advisor to the True Athlete Project, Pam has identified these key areas as critical to being your best self every day:

  • Nutritional Factors - Whole fresh foods, dense calories, etc.
  • Physical - Vigorous physical activity, yoga, deep sleep, recovery, hugs, sex, kisses…and laughter
  • Mental - Positive thoughts, inspiring images, good smells, focus, mindfulness, meditation
  • Environmental - Fresh air, sunshine, nature, animals, family
  • Emotional/Spiritual - Alignment with purpose/passion, say “no”, positive/nurturing relationships, gratitude, giving


It goes from as big as waking up every day with a map of the world seeing which countries had women canoeists (2 in 2000), then working every day to increase the breadth and depth of development/racing and ensuring those stories and data are elevated to the Intl Canoe Federation. I've also used it in training/racing as we discussed post interview. (Pam Boteler)

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