The Jordans Come To Dinner
The Jordans

August 4, 2020

The Jordans Come To Dinner

The Jordans joined us for dinner one evening. Steve, Liz, Vaughn and Aidan talk to Dr. Caple and I after dinner to discuss what dreams, life ambitions and success mean to them. Everybody arrives at their life's mission through a completely unique set of circumstances, events and drivers. It's especially refreshing to hear the perspectives of 15 yo, Aidan, and 16 yo, Vaughn, as they look down the road of their lives to the horizon of possibilities.

Our third episode is a cacaphony of ideas and perspectives on the importance of dreams, life ambitions and the definition of success. The Jordan family discusses some thoughts on the same and offer alternative ideas on the importance and relevance of crazy dreams in one’s life.

Steve and Liz Jordan first met Cindy in Hawaii (Oahu) where they were stationed together as shipmates in the Navy.

Steve and Liz have since spent many years stationed overseas in various capacities, where their sons, Vaughn and Aidan, have essentially grown-up in Germany and have just come back to the States. Now, as they begin to recover from the culture shock of having far less freedoms in the States than they had in Germany (think legal beer drinking age and transportation), they begin to think about what the future holds for them in the USA.

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