Are You Motivated?
James and Cindy complete the Marathon portion of the Marine Corps Virtual Trifecta 2020

October 13, 2020

Are You Motivated?

'Knob Caple, are you motivated?!?!' A 'knob' is a derogatory term for a freshman at The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina. I must have heard that question a hundred times a day my Freshman year. 'Sir, motivated, motivated, motivated, sir, F-Troop!!!' was always my programmed response. F-Troop was the best damn company in the Corps of Cadets whilst I attended this fine institution, but perhaps I digress...

Reaching For The Improbable

I think many of us who have received ‘programming’ as part of the fourth class system never really get deprogrammed in certain respects. Being motivated to do ‘things’ is part of our DNA (thanks First Sergeant Chisholm). I’m fortunate to be married to a woman with similar programming (I’m not sure where she got hers, though…). We both like to start things.

Motivation is great for starting things, but motivation alone is not enough to get the big things in life - the DREAMS - accomplished.

I was motivated to sign-up for the Virtual 45th Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) Trifecta this year. The MCM Trifecta coin is awarded to those individuals who complete the Virtual Marine Corps 10k, Marathon, and 50k distances before November 10th, 2020. So far, my wife and I have completed the 10k and the Marathon. We will complete the 50k soon and accomplish our goal of completing the MCM Trifecta 2020.

Marine Corps Marathon Virtual 2020 accomplished!

“Sir, Mr. Chisholm sir! Motivation and Goals are not as powerful as Dreams, sir!”

I wonder how that would have gone over on the quadrangle of Padgett-Thomas Barracks back in the day…

Padgett Thomas Barracks, The Citadel.

Nevertheless, I still contend Dreams are more powerful than Goals, and more powerful still than Motivation, even though Motivation is a powerful driver for short-term objectives, like a Marathon. And cadences, too, are a great way to derive motivation for PT runs (and marathons…and hopefully 50k’s too)…according to my programming…but perhaps I digress again.

Dream On

In this podcast, Cindy and I reflect a bit on some of the interviews we’ve done over the last two or so months and how they have impacted our current life dreams and ambitions. Still struggling to arrive at a clear definition of what exactly a ‘Dream’ is and how to distinguish Dreams from Goals, if it pleases the court, we posit this definition:

A ‘Dream’ is a visualization (or fantasy) of something you wish to attain or become in your life that you have no real experience doing or becoming, nor do you have much, if any, confidence in actually realizing or achieving. James and Cindy Caple,

Do you have a better definition? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you motivated, knob?!?! Dream 10X. Get some!

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