The Wizard Of Oz: Nick Jaffe
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October 05, 2020

The Wizard Of Oz: Nick Jaffe

Sailor, photographer, techpreneur, artisan, leather craftsman, adventurer and overall renaissance man from Australia, Nick Jaffe, shares some deep insights into adventure as art and living an authentic life.

We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience. John Dewey

Adventure As Art

I’ve been following Nick online for close to ten years now. I first discovered his single-handed sailing adventures across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as I dreamed about how I would one day row across the Chesapeake Bay. My little adventure paled in comparison to Nick’s, but I derived so much inspiration (and learning) from watching his journey unfold, as he wrote blog posts and posted videos online about his journey as it unfolded. Later, he and Director/Friend Jack Rath made a movie about his adventure called ‘Between Home - Odyssey Of An Unusual Sea Bandit’, which is available online.

Between Home from Jack Rath on Vimeo.

Cindy and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie (several times) and highly recommend it!

This sailing adventure is certainly not Nick’s only one. In one trip, he mentions on his website stopping at the island of Suwarrow based on an interest in survivalist Tom Neale, which piqued my own interest in this man’s life (Mr. Neale) as well. Imagine living on a deserted island all by yourself for over 10 years!

In our interview with Nick, we discuss sharing personal adventures, such as Nick’s sailing adventures, as a means of artistic expression and a joi de vivre (trying to sprinkle in some French here as sailing adventures always bring to my mind Bernard Moitessier!)

Living An Authenticate Life

Are you using the time you have left in your life the way you truly want to? Are you living an authentic life? These are such powerful questions to be meditating on each day, as Nick reminds us in our discussion with him. Cindy and I have discussed these questions at some length together, and I, on more than one occasion, have asked myself: ‘what am I doing here?!?’ The question arises not so much out of forgetfullness (that’s a joke), but out of the need to try to keep myself focused on my larger goals and to try not to get lost in the minutiae of day-to-day life.

I think, too, that planning outdoor micro-adventures (if not, much larger ones) help to serve similar purposes in extracting us from the daily grind and to remind us of the beauty, complexity and awesomeness of life around us.

Nick Jaffe surfing in Melbourne, Australia

And while the aesthetic experiences of the outdoors and nature are good for the soul (if they don’t kill your body…again, a joke!), even better are the reminders of how freeing it can be to get ‘lost’ in the outdoors. And while ‘freedom’ is probably relative to time, person and place, in the end, living your most authentic life will likely involve dreaming big, scary dreams. Overcoming the associated fears to chase those dreams down is part of the deal - like Nick did sailing singled-handed across two oceans.

Finally, sharing your adventure with the world, in the creative commons, helps to educate, and awaken, the nascent atavistic urges of humankind for overcoming difficult challenges and achieving freedom (if not dominance) in the natural world.

[Live An Adventurous Life]…it’s as simple as that! Nick Jaffe

A Give Away!

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Don’t be average. Dream 10X. It’s as simple as that!

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