blog – January 05, 2021

'The Snowball' by Alice Schroeder: Meditations On The Oracle Of Omaha

Dream 10X Blog Can you imagine being a Stock Broker in 1929 during one of the largest stock market crashes in American history? Howard Buffett, Warren Buffett's dad, started working as a Stock Broker in 1927. Warren Buffett was born just ten months after the great stock market crash of October 29, 1929. He was the second child of Howard and Leila Buffett. Hard financial times and plunging stock (and dollar) values framed the background of Warren Buffett's entrance into the world...a world in which he was soon to dominate. Read More ›

blog – December 16, 2020

'The Age Of Spiritual Machines' by Ray Kurzweil

Dream 10X Blog Continuing in the same vein as last week's podcast episode, we discuss Ray Kurzweil's 1999 book, 'The Age Of Spiritual Machines'. The pace of technological innovation sometimes seems like it will never abate, but at the same time, Gordon Moore's Law (doubling of computing speed every two years) seems to be drawing to a physical end. Will the future of humans be subsumed by our increasingly advanced technological innovations, or will we eventually find balance in life? Read More ›

blog – December 7, 2020

Thinking About Human and Machine Learning

Dream 10X Blog This week we talk about Josh Waitzkin's book, 'The Art of Learning', and how apropos the learning principles he presents are to what I am currently learning about Machine Learning and AI. Are machines becoming better employees than humans? How can we humans learn more, deeper and faster, to compete against the machines? Read More ›

blog – November 23, 2020

'The Magic of Dreaming Big', by David J. Schwartz, PH.D.

Dream 10X Blog Dream bigger, set the bar higher, have a more positive attitude, achieve more. These are some of the themes in this classic book by David J. Schwartz. In this week's episode we talk about how to achieve more on the way to self-actualization. Read More ›

blog – November 17, 2020

'The First 90 Days', By Michael D. Watkins

Dream 10X Blog When starting a new job or a new role, the book, 'The First 90 Days,' contends that you have just three short months to prove your worth to an organization or else! While failure to prove your value to an organization after 30 days might not get you canned (at least not right away, perhaps), you could be inflicting a burdensome cost on your employer. Dr. Caple and I discuss various aspects of this career enhancing book. Read More ›