blog – September 04, 2022

Trillion Dollar Coach

Dream 10X Blog Anyone seeking to improve in some aspect of their life needs a coach. One of my rowing goals this year is to win the Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR) in the Grand Master Single Sculls category. The HOCR is one of the biggest rowing races in the world. So to strive to win a race like this takes a significant amount of time, effort, and...coaching. My rowing coach, Mike Chin, is helping me to break down this large objective into manageable, daily exercises to help me achieve this goal. A coach can help individuals as well as companies achieve their goals. Corporate Coach, Bill Campbell, helped a wide variety of Silicon Valley firms achieve explosive growth, giving him the moniker (among many others): 'Trillion Dollar Coach'. Read More ›

blog – July 24, 2022

The Founders

Dream 10X Blog I have had the privilege of helping to grow several small companies in my career. Helping small companies achieve rapid growth as an employee is hard, but nowhere near as hard as trying to grow a company from the ground up, on your own. Now, I am attempting to start and grow my own software company at Just over a month into this exercise, I can tell you it is a terrifying experience. It's also a bit of a high-stakes gamble, where the upside can be significant (and let's just not think about the potential downsides). These sentiments are echoed in Jimmy Soni's recent book about the creation of PayPal: 'The Founders'. Here are our Top 5 takeaways from this extremely thorough and well-researched book. Read More ›

blog – July 10, 2022

re:MARS 2022 - Our Top 5 Takeaways

Dream 10X Blog Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. These are the four general categories of topics covered at Amazon's re:MARS Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Caple and I had the privilege to attend this once private conference last June, COVID be damned. It was well worth the risk to our health and pocket books! We came away from re:MARS 2022 so excited about what technologies the future holds for improving sustainability and life, not only on earth, but also the Moon, Mars and beyond. We can't wait to share this future with you! Read More ›

blog – June 19, 2022

Cortex, Ergo Sum: 'On Intelligence,' by Jeff Hawkins

Dream 10X Blog One of my more memorable tasks as a young software engineer was to develop a Java Application Programming Interface (API) to help other software engineers write enterprise software for exchanging and synchronizing PalmOS Database (PDB) data with back-end data stores, like Oracle, Sybase and SQLServer. Learning to parse and construct PDB files using Java code was a professionally challenging and fulfilling exercise for me at the time. The creator and big thinker behind the Palm Platform, Jeff Hawkins, still continues to amaze and delight me. In this episode, Cindy and I discuss our child-like fascination and learning of neuroscience, AI and Machine Learning referencing Jeff's 2004 book, 'On Intelligence'. Read More ›

blog – June 04, 2022

Secrets Of Billionaires: A Brief Study Of Sam Zell

Dream 10X Blog When Russia and Germany signed their Nonagression Pact on August 23rd, 1939, Sam Zell's father knew it was time to get his family out of Poland. His foresight saved his family and eventually gave birth to one of America's more prominent Billionaires. Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. In his book, 'Am I Being Too Subtle?', Sam Zell chronicles the story of his life and subsequent meteoric rise to success in America. Read More ›