blog – November 7, 2021

My Interview With Global Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman

Dream 10X Blog In honor of this week being Global Entrepreneurship Week, I am THRILLED to share my recent interview with Chairman of the Board of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Jeff Hoffman. Jeff is a highly successful serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. He is also an awesome story teller! So please enjoy some of Jeff's anecdotes about his experiences being an entrepreneur. Read More ›

blog – October 17, 2021

'The Road To Success': The Journey's The Thing

Dream 10X Blog This month I had the privilege of talking with Brandon T. Adams about his book, 'The Road To Success', which he co-authored with his wife, Samantha. These two entrepreneurs sold their belongings and left Iowa to create a television series called 'Success In Your City'. They almost went broke, got married along the way, made hosts of new friends, and even won an Emmy on their journey. I apologize before hand for the poor audio quality, but the content's the thing! Read More ›

blog – October 10, 2021

'Scale': To Infinity And Beyond

Dream 10X Blog Authors of the book, 'Scale', Jeff Hoffman and David Finkel, share their collective wisdom on scaling companies from startup to large corporation. Hoffman and Finkel are both successful entrepreneurs in their own right. 'Scale' identifies commonalities amongst most, if not all, businesses and identifies key strategies companies can follow to realize exponential growth in their business. In this episode, Dr. Caple and I discuss the seven core principles outlined in this book for realizing exponential growth in your business. Read More ›

blog – September 13, 2021

Let's Talk About Seafaring...'With Reckless Abandon'

Dream 10X Blog While eating lobster at a 'Lobster Bake' in Rockland, Maine last week, I stumbled upon a gem of a man and author of the seafaring book, 'With Reckless Abandon'. In his book, I picked-up some awesome tips for how to live, and perhaps even fund, a life lived with reckless bandon. Captain Sharp's book had me giggling out loud throughout, while I experienced first-hand the Maine weather, water and people he describes in his book. In this podcast episode, we recount our visit to Rockland, Maine, our visit to the 'Sail, Power and Steam Museum' there, and my brief encounter with museum curator and author, Captain Sharp, learning about the adventures of Admiral MacMillan in the Arctic. Read More ›

blog – August 29, 2021

Four Thoughts On The Book: 'Homo Deus - A Brief History of Tomorrow'

Dream 10X Blog The previous podcast's prognostications have hereby been revised to say that Homo sapiens will not be made slaves to super-intelligent technology; Rather, Homo sapiens will simply be made irrelevant by super-intelligent technology. From problems associated with Global Warming to mankind being made irrelevant vestigial biological organisms by super-intelligent algorithms, I am starting to question the overall expedient to man's never-ending quest for technological innovation. Read More ›